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Burst Stream of Destruction - DR2-EN150 - Super Rare - Unlimited Edition

Burst Stream of Destruction - DR2-EN150 - Super Rare - Unlimited Edition

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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. If you activate 'Burst Stream of Destruction', and the 'Blue-Eyes White Dragon' is removed from the field with 'Interdimensional Matter Transporter' or 'Compulsory Evacuation Device', or flipped face-down with 'Book of Moon', or destroyed by 'Ring of Destruction', 'Burst Stream of Destruction''s effect still resolves. You can activate 'Burst Stream of Destruction' when you cannot have a Battle Phase because of 'Frozen Soul', 'D.D. Border Line', 'Soul Exchange', or 'Great Long Nose'. It is an effect of 'Burst Stream of Destruction' that 'Blue-Eyes White Dragon' cannot attack, so if 'Non-Spellcasting Area' is on the field, 'Blue-Eyes White Dragon' CAN attack. If 'Imperial Order' is activated later, 'Burst Stream of Destruction''s effect is negated and 'Blue-Eyes White Dragon' CAN attack. If 'Burst Stream of Destruction''s activation is negated by 'Magic Jammer', then 'Blue-Eyes White Dragon' can attack. NO copies of 'Blue-Eyes White Dragon' can attack the turn that 'Burst Stream of Destruction''s effect is applied, even if they are Summoned after 'Burst Stream of Destruction' is played. [Re: Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude] Since you are only activating the Normal Spell Card's effect, and not the Normal Spell Card itself, you do not pay costs and you do not have to meet any activation requirements. For example, you would not pay 1000 Life Points for 'Confiscation', or discard 1 card for 'Monster Reincarnation', or need a 'Blue-Eyes White Dragon' on the field to activate the effect of 'Burst Stream of Destruction'.
Passcode: 17655904
Set: Dark Revelations 2
Card Number: DR2-EN150
Card Text: You can only activate this card while there is a face-up 'Blue-Eyes White Dragon' on your side of the field. Destroy all monsters on your opponent's side of the field. No 'Blue-Eyes White Dragon' can attack during the turn you activate this card.
Monster Type:
Rarity: Super Rare
Card Type: Normal Spell
Attribute: Spell
Name: Burst Stream of Destruction
Edition: Unlimited
Pendulum Scale:

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