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Skarmory-EX - 145/146 - Full Art

Skarmory-EX - 145/146 - Full Art

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Extra Info

Attack #1: CC Joust (30) Before doing damage, discard all Pokmon Tool cards attached to your opponent's Active Pokmon.
Attack #2: MMC Tailspin Piledrive (80+) If your opponent's Active Pokmon already has any damage counters on it, this attack does 40 more damage.
Card Number: 145/146
Card Text:
Card Type: Metal
HP: 170
Illustrator: Eske Yoshinob
Rarity: Full Art Ultra Rare
Resistance: Psychic
Retreat Cost: 1
Stage: Basic
Weakness: Fire
Attack #3:
Name: Skarmory-EX
Finish: Holo
Manufacturer: The Pokemon Company

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